Video Inspections

Video inspection equipment is one of the most essential tools in the plumbing industry. These are water proof cameras specially designed and built for a close visual inspection of sewer lines. They are also used to inspect other pipes that are concealed by cemented structures or lying under the foundation of your building.

The professionally-trained and experienced technicians at Little Boy Blue Plumbing & Heating can easily inspect your pipes with a bendable shaft with a high-resolution video recording camera attached to its tip into pipes measuring three to thirty inches in width. The bendable shaft lets the camera smoothly move through the pipeline – even around the bends and corners – to fully inspect the pipe and identify the problem areas. Real-time video image transmission allows our technicians to determine the internal state of the pipeline and recognize all existing and potential complications, allowing us to give an honest quote to our customers.

For more information about our video plumbing inspection services, contact us or give us a call 703-356-4590. We look forward to hearing from you!

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